Custom Home BuildER

A majority of potential homeowners today, prefer to own a home that is built to their specific design, taste and requirements. If you have always wanted to own a custom built home and you have no idea how or where to begin; or the benefits of such a home, you are in the right place.        

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Where and how to begin    

The first step in every journey is the most important. Renew Urban Charleston, custom home builder will turn your dream custom built home into reality.

Benefits of a custom built home    

A unique and personalized home    

Every potential homeowner has unique tastes and preferences on how their house should be, which includes specific needs, individual features, design and exact looks. It is almost impossible to find a perfect match for these unique preferences in pre-existing homes. So, most people settle for homes bearing the closest resemblance of what they need, and it takes up a lot of time, as one may need to go over several homes.   With a custom built home, a homeowner can choose exactly what they need in their home, down to specific and minute detail. This also includes future plans.       

Create unique finishes    

Custom built houses provide a rare opportunity to determine the kind of finishes you would need. For example, you may own an antique piece of furniture, passed through generations that you may want to include in your home decor. Or a certain type of material that you would wish to build a specific part of the house with. There are limitless options that you can apply to build your home, just the way you prefer it.        

Improvement needs    

With pre-existing homes, you may not like some aspects of a house. Maybe the floor does not live up to your standards and you want to improve it. This could cause a lot of inconveniences considering the amount of work that has to be done to achieve the desired results. You may have to bring down walls, move out temporarily, invest large sums of money and waste valuable time. Or the family could be expecting a new arrival and you need to add an extra bedroom. These improvements to ready built houses are because the home was not built with your needs in mind.  All these problems can be avoided through a custom built home.        

Lower costs    

Without the need for regular improvements and unnecessary maintenance, building costs for a custom built house are cheaper. This saves you money that can be channelled to other needs or saved for a rainy day, as a custom built house will have all the features you need, exactly where you want them; all brand new.        


A home is a sanctuary of sorts and privacy is an important feature. The levels of privacy are most definitely higher in custom-built houses, as you get to choose which direction your house will face, security features and size of the house among other considerations.       

Benefits of hiring a custom home builder    

A custom home builder brings the following benefits to the table;        

Minimizes building errors    

When building a house is undertaken by a custom home builder, who serves as the one centre of contact, the margin of error is diminished considerably. This means your home will be exactly the way you intended it to be.           

A fluid project flow    

A custom home builder works as the link that brings together the different phases involved in building your home. Renew Urban Charleston will ensure the construction progresses well, the electricians are up to speed, the plumbers are doing what is required, ensuring uninterrupted, smooth and consistent workflow.        

Saves money    

Hiring architects, interior designers, landscapers and contractors separately is a costly undertaking. A custom home builder greatly reduces this cost by bringing all the building experts as a single package, which is much cheaper compared to the alternative.        

Available expertise    

In each step of construction, it is vital to have a keen eye on site to coordinate the various tasks and ensure nothing is missed or goes wrong. This important oversight role comes in the form of a custom home builder as Renew Urban is available from the beginning to the end of the project.         Renew Urban makes he process of building your home easier, more convenient, and most importantly cost effective. In addition, you get to own a home that you actually played a part in designing every detail, which guarantees satisfaction.


Renew Urban Charleston offers custom home building for residences in Charleston South Carolina.