Who do you work with?

We only work with the top echelon of subcontractors, such as carpenters, masons, electricians, custom vendors, etc.

Our subcontractors are licensed, bonded, and personally trusted. Our relationship with the highest quality specialized subcontractors ensures you will have the finest quality outcome in your renovation.

We thoughtfully consider your type of project and design aesthetic. With historic preservationists, and designers on staff, we pride ourselves not only on top quality work, but also thoughtfully designed and executed plans. To further ensure your architectural plans reflect your final desired outcome, we work directly with engineers and architects.

WILL you work on challenging renovations historic properties?

Absolutely. We have extensive experience renovating historic homes, many older than 200 years. Historic homes require a different approach to construction, and most importantly require a contractor who is familiar with the complexities of historic renvoations, as well as the city permitting and engineering requirements.

WILL you build on a vacant lot?

Absolutely. We will build your dream home from the ground up. Building on vacant lots gives our clients the freedom to completely customize their home project and desired outcome.


Absolutely. Renew Urban prides itself on quality full-home renovations- regardless of age.

Do you renovate partial structures or individual rooms?

Typically, we do not renovate individual rooms or areas of a home (such as kitchen or bathrooms). However we are willing to make exceptions depending on the individual scope of your renovation.

What makes you different?

We offer Full Service design management for custom design-build construction. This means our designers, project managers and contractors work together as a unit to assist you every step along the way with the many detailed decisions required to build the house of your dreams. This benefits all parties involved and ensures their is cohesion and fluidity throughout your project.

As a Full Service management firm, we will assemble the correct team to fit your projects needs and budget. Including and not limited to: designers, project managers, contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, landscaping and much more.